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Raising a turkey poult as a pet

It’s hatch day! . One lonely but eager little birdie has started to pip the shell. I left it for half an hour and he’d spun around and pipped the top half of his shell off, then after another half an hour he’s up walking all over the place in the incubator! giving me those “come here” eyes. I had a quick cuddle and left him in there to fluff up for around 12 hours.

Longest 12 hours ever! Day 1


At this early stage a simple plastic tote box. With a micro fibre cloth on the bottom to prevent slipping and damaging his little legs. plus a red heat lamp set at around 30 degrees(c) , a fresh supply of water, some chick crumb, and most importantly a mirror & feather duster for company. and that’s it. simple.

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